Spot Austin’s Most Iconic Locations in These Movies

Austin's most iconic locations in movies.

With so many famous actors and movie directors calling Austin home, it’s no wonder the city serves as a popular filming location. As an Austin resident, it’s fun to pick out places you know and love in a movie. You never know when your favorite park, street, or restaurant will show up on the screen. So, are you ready to have fun in your Austin Apartment? If so, rent or stream these movies to see if you can spot Austin’s most iconic locations on film.

Bernie (2011) 

Bernie tells the true story of a beloved assistant funeral director who commits a murder. Despite the crime, his East Texas neighbors still love him. You’ll notice a diner scene in what used to be Arkie’s Grill. The location now houses Sawyer & Co, a contemporary Louisiana restaurant. 

Office Space (1999) 

In the opening scene of Office Space, the main character Peter is stuck in a traffic jam. Despite repeatedly switching lanes, he finds himself in the slow lane. Can you tell he’s driving on Highway 183 through North Austin? It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? 

Dazed and Confused (1993) 

No Austin movie list is complete without Dazed and Confused. Bring home some food from Top Notch Hamburgers to make your movie-watching experience an amazing one. By the time Top Notch makes its appearance in the movie, you’ll be able to yell at the screen, “Hey! I’ve eaten there!” 

Boyhood (2014) 

Boyhood follows the life of Mason from his early childhood through college years. Filmmaker Richard Linklater used the same core actors throughout the years-long filmmaking process to allow actor Ellar Coltrane to grow up. Look out for locations like Dart Bowl, Continental Club, and Magnolia Cafe South.

All in all, seeing Austin’s most iconic locations on film is a great privilege. If you’d like to enjoy a sublime movie-watching experience, consider making Cole Apartments your new home. For more movies to enjoy at home, visit our blog for ideas. And, if you’d like to see our premium floor plans and leading-edge amenities, contact us to schedule a virtual tour of our grounds.

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