The Austin Zoo is Home to an Array of Animals


Nestled on the southwest side of Austin is a destination where visitors can learn about animals while spending quality time outdoors in the Texas Hill Country.

We’re talking about the Austin Zoo, and its mission is to assist animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation, and education.

The zoo is home to one hundred species, and animals not to be missed include:


Commonly found in the East Africa savannas, servals are small, slender cats that display long legs, a short tail, and a small head. Their coat is tawny with black lines and spots, and they weigh between fifteen and forty pounds. In the wild, they live up to nineteen years, and feast on reptiles, crabs, and large insects.


Binturongs live in dense forests across Asia, and they make chuckling sounds when they’re happy and high-pitched wails when annoyed. These animals are mainly solitary and spend much of their time moving slowly and cautiously among the trees. Binturongs usually hunt for food under the cover of darkness, and they eat fish and fruit.


Native to more than 25 African countries, genets are nocturnal and solitary animals that are most active following sunset and just before sunrise. When they’re born, genets weigh less than three ounces, and they don’t open their eyes for ten days after birth.

Common Marmoset

Common marmosets are a type of monkey with gray bodies and a long striped tail. They’re found in southern Brazil where they usually travel in large groups made up of both males and females. When food is plentiful, common marmosets are picky about what they eat, and their diet consists of spiders, tree sap, and small vertebrates.

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