3 Beautiful Urban Trails to Explore in Austin

a person walks on a trail near water, wearing a backpack

Time spent enjoying the outdoors is one of the best forms of exercise. Cole Apartments is located within 15 minutes of scenic spots where you can soak up the great Texas weather all year long. Head out for a long walk, run, or bike ride on these beautiful urban trails located near our apartments in Austin, TX.   

The Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake

This famous urban trail offers 10 scenic miles for outdoor recreation, which you can access from several different points. The Boardwalk Trail follows a winding course along Lady Bird Lake, and about five miles are elevated over lush wetland areas. Austinites enjoy walking, biking, and birdwatching along the water’s edge. There are also seven viewing areas where you can relax on benches and take in views of the city skyline. 

Barton Creek Greenbelt 

Enjoy over 13 miles of well-maintained trails on a moderate terrain that’s great for mountain biking. The Barton Creek Greenbelt trails offer many changes in scenery, including forests, a river bed, cliffs, a waterfall, and an abundance of beautiful wildflowers. To enjoy this space, make a reservation online 24 hours before you plan to visit. 

Pease Park

Lastly, this beloved community space was one of the first public parks in the state of Texas. Pease Park has many interesting landmarks, including the Tudor Cottage and the 24th Street Bridge. The park’s main walking path, Shoal Creek Trail, follows the creek for almost four miles and receives shade from a canopy of oak trees. This is the oldest trail in Austin, and it’s covered in a comfortable mix of concrete, packed dirt and gravel. There are many highlights to enjoy along the walk, including passing through a small rocky canyon. 

Living in Austin makes it easy to enjoy everything from scenic urban trails to authentic barbecue. You can learn more about Cole Apartments by contacting us.

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