Visit the Historic Paramount Theater in Austin, TX

Paramount Theater's block with the sign lit up at night | Paramount Theater

Only minutes away from our Austin apartments, the historic Paramount Theater offers a number of entertaining lectures, as well as movies and other activities. Check out their website to read about some of their upcoming events.

The Rich History of the Paramount Theater

The Majestic Theater first opened its doors in Austin over a century ago, on October 11, 1915. It hosted performances by iconic stars such as Harry Houdini and the Marx Brothers. As moving pictures started to dominate the entertainment industry, the Majestic Theater received a substantial remodel, and the Paramount Theater was born.

In the first half of the 20th century, numerous movies that have become household names premiered at the Paramount. Some of these well-known films include Casablanca, It’s a Wonderful Life, and The Fabulous Texan. The Paramount, which started to fall into disarray due to dwindling audiences and poor upkeep, was revived by three men who rallied the community to save this historic Austin landmark. 

Today, the Paramount Theater is a registered historical landmark and has hosted many notable performances over the last 50 years, including Dave Chappelle and President Barack Obama!

To find out more about the Paramount Theater and its ongoing summer classic film series, check out their website. When you’re in the mood for more interactive entertainment, check out these local escape rooms!

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