Support Your Community with These Volunteer Opportunities Around Austin

Group of smiling volunteers outside | Volunteer opportunities around Austin

Volunteering your time is a great way to participate in your local community. There are many organizations that support a variety of needs, from animal welfare to food and housing security. Check out volunteer opportunities around Austin. You can find these non-profit organizations near our Zilker Park apartments:

The Austin Humane Society

At the Austin Humane Society, volunteers are always welcome. This shelter is the longest-standing organization of its kind in the city, and it has helped thousands of displaced pets. Volunteering with AHS is a small commitment, requiring only a few hours per week. You’ll need to complete a short training to get started. Once that’s finished, you can help the Austin Human Society care for animals in need, find homes for abandoned pets, and communicate with your neighbors in community outreach programs. 

Caritas of Austin

Other volunteer opportunities around Austin include helping those in need of safe housing. Caritas of Austin aims to end homelessness in the city. Services include educational classes to help with skills building, job placement, and veterans assistance. There are dozens of ways you can help. Volunteers assist with donations and pickups, managing and staffing community events, and serving lunch at the community kitchen. You can also host a fundraiser or food drive.

Austin Blessings Co-op

If you’d like to help locals in immediate need of food, clothing, or diapers, check out the Austin Blessings Co-op. This non-profit operates food pantries, affordable clothing boutiques, and baby supplies for those in need. Volunteer commitments are flexible, so you can volunteer for two hours a week or 20. Austin Blessings Co-op uses volunteers to help hand out essentials like food and school supplies.

These volunteer opportunities around Austin are a great way to give back and support your fellow neighbors. After a day of volunteer work, recharge your batteries with these fun outdoor activities around town. When you’re ready to learn more about Cole Apartments, please contact us. Our team would love to give you a tour of our spacious apartments in Zilker Park.

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